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      Many have asked what are these Queen's Hope Boxes about? At IAGT’s 2nd Annual Conference, it resonated in my spirit that the common denominator that is missing in most young queens’ lives is a sense of hope. Through this community wide initiative IAGT plans to provide hope to every young Queen that will receive a box.

     The boxes will include:

  1. A shirt because every Queen deserves to dress the part; 

  2. A journal to write her thoughts and feelings down in that she may not be ready to articulate out loud,

  3. A hope bracelet filled with the essential oil “hope,” to keep her calm throughout the day,  and because every Queen deserves a nice piece of jewelry!

  4. A personalized note from an IAGT Hope Ambassador letting her know that she has another Queen cheering her on. 


The official launch for these boxes will be in April.


Boxes are $40 +shipping.  Please consider sponsoring a box for a young Queen or purchasing a box for a young Queen in your life!

 - It's A Girl Thing Founder,

Crystal Life

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